You know how sometimes life works in a way where you know that you are doing the right thing?  After Mike and I got married we made a decision to make some big life changes and buy the house that he grew up in from his Mom.  As we have settled in we decided for many reasons that after having our son I would quit my Corporate job and be a stay at home Mom.  I have enjoyed every minute but we also had a “sign” to fulfill a dream of mine and to build the bakery now and start my business.  One of the biggest reasons is that my sister-in-law and mother-in-law have opened the Hummingbird House in Fredon.  It is wonderful!  Please check it out and it is also a place where you can grab some of my baked goods and desserts to go.

Building the bakery was such a dream come true and I couldn’t believe that I was the first person in Sussex county to do something like this and was still able to work with our town and also the state health department to make this a reality.  I feel very blessed.  I want to write a very special thank you here to first and foremost my husband and Clint for all of their hard work and time and energy that they put in to make it so special for me.  Also, because my wonderful husband Mike gave up his “Man Cave” space to give me my dream.  You KNOW that someone really loves you, or at least that is what we are told by every guy that stops by and sees what we have done.  I also really want to thank my parents for their support and for my Dad to lend his help in creating the layout and also help in the building and creating of the space.  I love all four of you and couldn’t have done it with you.  The first time that I walked around my bakery, it was like a scene in a movie, where it just so happened on my phone that one of my favorite songs was playing (Bittersweet Symphony) and I had tears in my eyes (cheesy I know).  BUT this was an opportunity of a lifetime and quite scary too… to change my career so drastically from an IT professional to a baker.  I have loved every minute of it so far and can’t wait to see what the future brings.  Here are some pictures of my special space:

DSC_0448When you first walk in through the double doors you see this set up to the left. I have my sink, dry  goods closet, stove/oven, convection oven, 20quart mixer, and then refrigerator.  We designed this space to be where I do my baking.





DSC_0450To the right of what you see is my decorating area, where I have a table, a microwave, and then mostly storage for everything it takes to make a cake.  Yes it is A LOT of stuff. haha





DSC_0452This is a close-up of the table that you see in the picture above.  This table will be used for completing detailed fondant and gumpaste work.  Like gumpaste flowers for example.  I love that I have natural light for this table and also that I get to look out the window while I work.
DSC_0453This shows from the back of the bakery forward to see where you can exit and go into my office.  You can also see my Divinely Dolce apron from my best friend Allison!  Such a thoughtful gift.  I want to thank everyone again for their support in helping my dream come true!





I hope that you have enjoyed checking out the bakery so far.  There are a few more things that I want to add to decorate.  So more pictures to come.  Also, we are still working on finalizing my office so I can share those pictures later as well.  Thank YOU for your interest and I hope you have enjoyed checking out the inside of the bakery.  🙂