Divinely Dolce is a custom bakery kitchen located in Hampton Township, NJ, which is approximately 60 minutes outside of New York City. At this time, Divinely Dolce does not operate from a storefront. All of the custom cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and other goodies are baked in a private kitchen space and then delivered or picked up.


My name is Stephanie Biron and I am the owner and baker of Divinely Dolce. I started as a self-taught baker with a passion for cake design who has been baking for friends and family for 7 years before opening Divinely Dolce in 2013.  I took my passion to the next level by taking classes and receiving certifications.  I have a sugar flower certification from the French Culinary School in New York City and I am currently completing my full pastry chef certification from the Escoffier International Culinary Academy. I am married to my wonderful and supportive husband Mike and we have a beautiful son named Michael.


I personally bake and decorate every single cake, cupcake, cookie, and favor for my clients and make sure they are fully customized for their event. I believe very strongly in delivering a delicious, fresh, stellar product every time! The baking industry is very popular right now and so there are many custom cake designers choose from, but Divinely Dolce promises to offer a very warm, personal, efficient, and reliable level of service to each client every time.

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