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Michael turning one was so bittersweet, which I am sure it is for many Moms.  You love watching him grow into this little person but turning one means that he isn’t a little baby anymore!  That big milestone and he also is starting to walk which is also exciting.  I chose to deal with Michael… More »


You know you have a good girlfriend when she goes to the trouble of throwing you a surprise 30th birthday party!! I was so honored to make this cake for my good friend Will. It was a really fun night and everyone really enjoyed the cake.


Who would think that Sushi could be cake! A good friend’s birthday was coming up and he is a sushi fan so I thought about making a sushi board. This was a chocolate on chocolate cake. It was fun to use candy and fondant to create the sushi pieces.


I created this cake for my good friend who was turning 30 and obviously has a taste for danger. He spends his weekends leaving his stress in the sky by jumping out of planes. Crazy! He is a great person and deserved a fun night full of cake, friends, and karaoke.